3500 – 5000 per square feet depending upon thickness of the wall. And other details of Doors / Wondows / Flooring / Roofing etc.
Wooden log house are installed on site in 15 to 30 days (Depending upon site logistics).
Yes, Wooden houses are all weather proof from hot to cold climate. They are most earthquake resistant structures and with stand hail and thunderstorm upto 120km/hr.
Wooden houses can with stand tempreture from -30 degree to + 60 degree. ( Depending upon thickness of wood ) Wood being a good insulator helps to maintain and retain tempreture inside to outside.
The wood ceiling roof are applied with SBS ( A Bitumous Membrane) Which fill in all gaps and joints of the wooden structure. All joints are applied with MS sheet to make the joints water proof. A final layer of Fiber Glass Shringles in laid over to protect this membrane against the heat and water.
Yes, Owner has to provide the following things
  • Plinth structure (as per site requirement) on which the structure will be build.
  • Septic Tank for bathroom and kitchen.
  • Electric and Water Supply connections upto wooden house.
TThe life of these houses are from 30-100 years depending upon thickness of wood.
Windows can be chosen between Hardwood or PVC.
Yes, we have a in-house team of architects and designers who can design customised layouts as per your requirement.
Still in India, the building by laws do not specify about such structures are permanent in nature, as wooden houses are dismentable and do not have concrete and steel as the base material of structure. They are like tent structures as per the Indian Building Norms. Hence they do not require any official clearances. * Kindly check with your local by laws.
Yes, the wood has a termite coated paint on it. The wood is chemically treated and made bitter for termite to attack.
Canadian spruse J grade / Canadian Pine / Russian Pine.

Myths About Wooden Houses

Log homes are temporary in nature and have a short life span

Built from Premium quality Kiln Dried Spruce Canadian Wood, Ramcons wooden homes are Earthquake proof, Waterproof & have a High Resistance to Decay and attack by Insects and have a lifetime upto 100 years.

Log homes are not energy efficient

The reality is that log homes, if manufactured and built correctly, offer comparable to superior energy efficiency versus conventional framed homes. Numerous independent studies have proven that logwalls possess especially high thermal mass which makes them as energy-efficient as any well insulated frame wall and superior to most. This and other comparable studies have confirmed what many log home owners have known for years; log homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.

Termites and other wood boring insects will be attracted to log homes and set aboutdevouring them

Wood boring insects are not attracted to large quantities of wood. If the logs are constructed of green, unseasoned logs with the bark still on the logs, then some wood boring insects can become established under the bark during the summer and live there for several years. Once the wood is dry these insects are not attracted to the logs. To give them an edge they are treated for termite resistancy.

Log homes are more expensive than a conventional home

If we just see a budgetary plan of a cement and a concrete house vis-à-vis a wooden house . It may look expensive. But if we account for the time which is the most scarce resource and the inefficiencies and delays which go into the contemporary construction log homes have a winning edge.

"26 forest firefighters who, trapped by a raging fire in the California hills, took refuge in a log home and waited out the firestorm as it passed them by. They'll laugh and tell you log homes are not a fire hazard, especially when they have a metal roof, as did this house. Yes, this actually happened in Topanga Canyon in 1993, and it demonstrates that log Log homes are difficult to finance homes don't burn easily. Log homes are more expensive than a conventional home"

Banks will not make a loan on a log home

If the banks know the resaleability and re-useable feature of this house . They will like to give a preference to fund these houses than contemporary houses.

Log House Culture

Culture of Western Wooden Structure

Wood structure buildings have a long history in China and occupy a very important position in Chinese buildings. Dating back to thousand years ago, the Wood Tower in Yingxian Shanxi Province, which is 66 meters high, is the oldest and tallest wooden structure building in the world. The Imperial Palace in Beijing has six hundred years of history, is the world's largest and most complete ancient building group. Chinese traditional residential building is still widely used nowadays, such as Wuzhen, one of the six famous ancient towns in South of the Yangtze River, has about 200000 square meters of buildings of Ming and Qing dynasty and among which are mainly brick and wood buildings. A secluded courtyard with beautiful carving, like a maze of corridors and hall, has a special roof on the top, which has a unique Buddism Godness Guanyin pocket and horse-head wall against fire and wind. There are special covered corridors (roofed street) as well.

Characterstics of Raw Material

Ecological Building Materials

The growth process, not only will not pollute the environment, but can improve the environment. Wood is a non-toxic, recyclable natural material. Compared with the brick, plastic or steel and other building materials, fossil fuel consumption are much less in the production process of logs. Carefully considering the environmental factors in all steps of design and production, Wood Barn India makes full use of wood raw materials. Considering atmospheric carbon balance, using wood as a construction material is the best solution. Wooden product has long life-cycle; production energy consumption is very small. More importantly, wooden products can be recyclable as an alternative to carbon emissions intensive product.

Energy-saving Life

Woodbarn log house offers you energy-saving living conditions. As an energy-saving building, the log wall of it has good thermal insulation performance, and the building itself from the foundation to the building top are using modern energy-saving structure solution. In addition, we, during the construction stage, strictly comply with the construction norms, and strictly use building insulation and air tightness treatments; which significantly enhances the energy saving effect of our Wood Barn India log structure.

A health life from generation to generation

The Woodbarn company's log building material is the fine-grained spruce from cold north Europe.Wood construction give us clean air and healthy living environment for indoor area, Such heavy timber structure of the building materials can balance the indoor temperature and humidity?Keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter, it is also a fire-retardant building material. There are thousands of years to use the wood construction in northern Europe.For example, in Finland, the oldest log building can be traced back several hundred years ago, which fully proved the durability of the wood and its rich cultural connotations.The proper protection of timber in use, the building will be passed on from generation to generation, and even the timber wall can be reused many times.

Structure of Wood Barn Houses

The log building structure is characterized by the material characteristics in our company,we are devoting to developing and sublimating the building structure solutions?and to pursuit of the integration of traditional architectural features and modern scientific and technological achievements.For example, through technology cooperation with Finland kontio ,Wood Barn India cmpany's unique wood wall system, floor system, window system, the roof structure system,it gained excellent results in market. The durability of the wood structure and wood plasticity is very prominent,it can show the owner's unique personality when design a villa,and also give designers a flexible space to play.The wooden villa of Wood Barn India company meet the design requirements of consumers,at the same time,it pay attention to the quality, durability and energy efficiency. The Wood Barn India company's new production line (computer design software, automated production) can produce many different types of joints,For example, the timber wall is not only use the right-angle connector, but also use a bevel joints, as well as the modern side angle and dovetail corner joints.The appearance of the building is more unique.