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Welcome to Woodbarn India!

Wood Barn India is an entrepreneurial venture conceived in 2006 by two aspiring entrepreneurs with a vision to deliver environment friendly and environment conscious world class wooden structures in India. Their unimaginable passion and desire has made Wood Barn the undisputed leaders in this segment. Wood Barn claim holds apt of being pioneers as they have been able to devise and develop more than 100 models which are highly suitable In Indian context. The entrepreneurs Arch. Anurag Khandelwal is one of the finest green architect of the country and the Visionary Mr. Sanjay Sharma...

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  • Member of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC),
    Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is a part of CII-Godrej Green Business Centre, which is actively involved in promoting the Green Building movement in India
  • "I am a native of Uttarakhand. I have grown amidst the marvels of nature and I promised when I moved from these hills to come back and repay in whatever way I could to them.
    The hills called me back. I decided to make a house which did justice to nature. And after a great research I realized wooden homes were the right answers which are energy efficient, which do not hamper the ecological balance and which are not harsh on nature. No wonder globally wooden homes is a phenomena. Thank You Wood Barn"
    Nafisa Ali,
    An active socialite and an accomplished actress
  • "I am a proud owner of Wood Barn home. Living in a wooden house is an experience. During the peak winters of Delhi our house was warm and comfortable. The smell of wood makes you feel part of the nature."
    Rajnish Sehgal,
  • "Wanted to make a small dwelling where I could drive down once in a while to be away from the hustle bustle of city. The experience of constructing a dwelling gave me shivers. Thanks to Wood Barn who showed me a beautiful model and promised me to deliver it in 10 days including all facilities and amenities. Just 2 meetings with them and one site visit were all I had to do. The whole process was so easy and on the 11th day I was enjoying tea in my dream home."
    Bir Singh
  • "We own a wooden house in Goa for occasional visits. The house is generally locked and is in use on an average 3 months in a year. Whenever we open the house after a span the house surprisingly smells so fresh. Also since wood does not attract dust and pollutants we find it easy to maintain it. This being an eco-friendly house does not emit any hazardous substances and hence immediately after opening the house we feel settled."
    Kapil Nagpal,
  • "The Himalayan tsunami created havoc in the entire area. But the wooden structure is standing amidst all the devastation, unscathed."
    The recent visitors of Auli
  • "My uncle visited us from US and we took him to our farm house. He said I am feeling as if I am in own country. He also told us the house was par excellence when compared to the wooden structures made in US in terms of design, space utilization and quality of wood used."
    Javed Khan,
  • "Our Wood Barn office is a small wooden house. We feel so fresh and energetic throughout the day and we feel our productivity has increased manifold by being inside this structure. There are times when we have lot of people inside the office but we do not feel suffocated."
    Sanjay Sharma,
    Chairman-WoodBarn India




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